FLA.Net’s focus is to provide consulting and expertise for IP Network Development, Business Development, and IP Hub Development in the Telecoms & Internet sector.

ISPs may engage in peering, where multiple ISPs interconnect at peering points or Internet exchange points (IXs), allowing routing of data between each network, without charging one another for the data transmitted—data that would otherwise have passed through a third upstream ISP, incurring charges from the upstream ISP. ISPs requiring no upstream and having only customers (end customers and/or peer ISPs) are called Tier 1 ISPs .

FLA.Net’s staff have done high level peering for since 1995. Some of been CTO’s and Peering Coordinators (or Peering Advisors) for Tier 1 backbones such as AT&T, what is now Cogent, Globenet and many other smaller companies that desired direct relationships with content providers and backbones. We have helped set up a number of exchange points including for companies such as Telx & AT&T and have members on the OpenIX initiative committees.

Peering is done for a number of reasons from financial, wanting direct relationship with other networks, Quality of Service Internet, more control over network traffic and redundancy. One major component of acquiring significant traffic are relationships with key personal that make those decisions in each network. FLA.Net has those relationships with the top decisions makers at most of the large networks in the world. We can help design your peering strategy and help make introductions to facility new peering relationships. Once a clients begin peering they are often able to manage and increase the peering off of their traffic on their own.

We pride ourselves on helping clients come up with the unique strategies, custom suited, to help them acquire significant peering relationships quickly and discreetly.