We have a myriad of experts in the field of Routing, Peering, VoIP (Voice over IP) and Unix. We are often called into companies that have out grown their network needs and equipment and we assist their own engineers in coming up with a documented migration plan. Often companies are upgrading from outdated Cisco routers and we move them over to Juniper Routers and Brocade Switches for their server clusters.

Most companies do not run correctly configured firewalls or filters posing a risk to their network and business operations. Our telecom assistance often enables companies to have considerable savings as we identify over priced services and produce a custom solution that is not only better but cheaper. All our solutions have DR (disaster recovery) considerations as part of the proposal.

We work well with our clients IT departments as well as all carriers and colocation facilities. The key is ALWAYS making sure we provide our customers the best options for them to choose from.

Once we finish our consulting we will leave a blueprint behind of our work. Knowledge sharing is a key of our repeat business & referrals.