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Hunter Newby, CEO of Allied beams with pride inside the new collocation facility in West Palm Beach





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Hunter Newby, CEO Allied Fiber with David Diaz, CTO FLA.NET holding a piece of the fiber cable being deployed.




FLA.NET joined Allied Fiber ( at their company launch event at it’s new collocation facility in West Palm Beach. The November 2013 event, although rainy, was extremely well attended. Shuttles took everyone from the downtown club where the luncheon was to be later held, to the facility on the railroad tracks. Allied Fiber brought it’s fiber into this facility which was built in a mere 6 days. The facility comes as 3 pre-fabricated pieces and then is dropped in place by crane. Allied Fiber will be placing these facilities along it’s fiber path across the country. The West Palm Beach facility was the very first of it’s kind.

Hunter Newby, CEO, was beaming with pride as he showed off the fruition of 4 years hard work securing capital and clients in order to make this a reality. The fiber build started in Miami and is progressing north quickly for the completion of phase 1 & 2 of the nationwide project.

After the tours of the facility a luncheon was held at the Phillips Point Club, where the mayors of West Palm Beach City and County both spoke. Where Allied Fiber build goes, technology will prosper. Clearly if Google Fiber GigE service can be seen as a market changer, Allied Fiber’s Terabits and Terabits of capacity will cause not only a local impact but possibly a nationwide one. When less then 30% of buildings in the USA even have fiber to them, there is a great need of this type of new infrastructure to be build here in the USA. FLA.NET was honored to not only have been invited to these events, but to have participated in the project. We at FLA.NET look forward to assisting the customers using this new infrastructure with our expertise, as well as technology.

One important factor is speedy turn up for clients. Customers of the Allied Fiber fiber may have customers in buildings located nearby. Instead of a costly lateral build by digging up the streets between an Allied Fiber handhold (which is every 5,000 ft) and the end customer location, FLA.NET

Congratulations to everyone at Allied Fiber and we look forward to working with you as you “plow” forward!


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Well it has been a long time in coming, but we have revamped the website for probably only the 4th time since 1995. Please excuse our site as we continue to grow our content and information. We decided it was time for a rebranding, which included a cleanly designed website for clients and colleagues.

This was needed in part because we have decided to promote some of our less public products such as wireless local loops. The timing could not be better as Allied Fiber is deploying the first long haul fiber build in the USA in perhaps a decade. Our local loop product fits in nicely for their customers looking to do up to 2 Gbps circuits to locations without having the time, trouble and expense of tearing up all those city streets.

In the coming months we will continue to add product content such as our Satellite Equipment and network, Transit Internet Services, and of course our unique consulting services which include Peering!

This page is where we will discuss events we will be attending as well as any exciting industry news. It’s a way for people to keep up with the latest in what’s happening from our perspective. If you have any relevant news or comments, please feel free to email us and there is a good chance we will post the link you send us here.

Thanks for reading and your patience as we continue to improve our site! FLA.Net