Quality Connectivity

From IP Transit, MPLS, Collocation / Turn Key Solutions, Peering, Wireless Connections and Consulting - FLA.net gives you a faster and quality connection 24/7.

Global Peering

We work with most major exchange points and the top global carriers to secure peering agreements, ensure viable cross connects, and configure BGP for maximum reliability.

IP Transit Service

At FLA.net we help you get connected fast. We have cost-effective access to Tier 1 IP transit service in over 100 locations in more than 20 countries.

Turnkey Collocation

We can do a turn key solution for companies that may not be local in the USA or that need professional help to get up and running. Solutions include space, power, internet, and remote hands.

Wireless Solutions

Fiber optics may cross oceans, but connecting across town can be challenging. FLA.net offers gigabit last mile wireless loops and myriad other wireless solutions for fast provisioning.

Virtually Private

FLA.net can provide Ethernet transport between more than 100 pops around the world using MPLS over a fully diverse N x 10G network. Advanced VPN conflagrations also available.


Customer Testimonials

alliedfibercolor1I have worked with the engineering staff at Fast Link Access on a variety of projects through different companies over the past 15 years. In today’s world of critical uptime for communications, they have demonstrated the skills and knowledge necessary to engineer custom solutions based on each customers’ specific needs.
In addition, they bring a perspective and approach through a combination of engineering, structured product offerings and industry contacts that is highly unique in the industry.

Hunter Newby – Allied Fiber Founder/CEO

intelalogoWhen marketing to a global audience, reliability is paramount. Customers will inherently base the integrity of a company on the stability of its presence and today, there is no more visible presence than online.
Intela, a consumer marketing provider, requires not only significant bandwidth but assurance that their connectivity will be highly available. FLA.net delivered a solution that enables their network to have diverse sites with complete redundancy and bandwidth that is not only cost effective, but dynamically adjusts to their ever changing requirements.

waterwaywirelessWaterway Wireless builds large scale wireless networks for end users and is deploying NGH (Next-Generation Hotspot) technology.
With the current trend of streaming high-definition video and the myriad of mobile devices connecting to their network, they require large backhaul links that are fast and reliable. Working with Waterway Wireless engineers, FLA.net delivered a unique private network solution complete with colocation site diversity enabling Waterway to make use of virtually any connectivity technology available in their deployment areas.
We have never had a single outage with Fast Link and we are fortunate to have made the right choice with our network solutions provider.

Michael Cook – Waterway Wireless CEO

yourphonecoFastLink builds networks that work all of the time.

Jeff Flam – Your Phone Company President